• New building in Mallorca, LF96

    In LF91 we specialize in the architectural design of homes, we offer high quality projects adapted to the needs of our clients. We have an excellent team of professionals dedicated to creating projects, buildings, architecture, design, technology and engineering, with these factors we can manage and realize the idea of the project which the owner has, from the start to the last detail. Part of our work that gives life to the philosophy of our company is the project of LF96. Previously, the company owner worked in particular manner, made some investments with different projects, the first was LF91 (hence the company name). Even the first project to be carried out since the company was created, was just this one, which helped us move forward to achieve the goals and objectives we have been fulfilling until today. LF96, situated in Pollença, is a project for which we have special affection and esteem, as we have for all, because each building is unique and has a feature that sets it apart from any other, but with this one we started and took a chance on this new path towards achieving the dreams of those who trust us. It is a building that stands out for its pure, simple lines that fit naturally into the environment surrounding it, becoming a perfectly geometric work based on good quality materials, essential to accomplish the final results. The house is built in an idyllic setting, since it is located on a small hill overlooking the best bays in Mallorca, it also has large terraces that surround it, in which the pool is positioned centrally, that blends in with the background colours of the sea and sky forming a unique landscape, adding to this the green of the nature and the rocks that blend with sandstone facade. The large windows allow the beauty of its panoramic views to be observed through the pure lines that form the aesthetics of the building and offer a contemporary and bold setting.
  • Housing reform, Cala Carbó

    The major reform of a house built on the rock near Pollenca. The owners of the house in Cala Carbó, a few kilometers from Pollença, Mallorca came to the island four years ago and fell in love with the location and the incredible potential of this house. Their initial intention was to make a new project, but to entrust the management of it to the team of LF91 Project Management, with offices in Pollença, Mallorca; discovered the impossibility of realizing due to urban planning legislation so after they value it opted for performing a comprehensive reform. On the outside of the house only a general cleaning of the facade and the pool and reinforcement work on the structure and isolation was performed, always using ecological materials following the ideology of LF91 Project Management focused on the achievement of sustainable architecture and energy efficiency. The interior was completely renovated. As managers of the reform, the Project Management team of LF91 organized and supervised all phases of the project including a financial study focused on the economic aspects of the project and monitoring quality of the final details. Also advise on the choice of employers / contractors and workers involved in every project we handle fully comply with the terms and conditions stipulated by contract.
  • Country house in Mallorca

    Reforming maintaining the essence of the house in Mallorca. The owner of this magnificent house in Mallorca knew very clearly from the beginning of the project that her main goal was to keep the essence of the house where she had spent the summers of her childhood and youth and in which inhabited such good memories. The reform project was proposed to Miquel Bauzá of LF91 Project Management, whose studio is located in Pollença, who worked closely with the owner and another architect friend, for a  minimal architectural intervention with which to get to fresh air into the house while maintaining the characteristics of the Majorcan constructs as the choice of Binissalem stone for all soils except the entry fact pebbles features, beamed ceilings, keeping the shutters typical of the island or include a fireplace in the living room of the master bedroom. Constant contact with the owner allowed a great understanding of her tastes and expectations regarding the reform of the house, from LF91 Project Management we take care about maintaining communication with our clients and keep them permanently informed of each of the steps of reform. We coordinate, organize and manage all phases of the project from the initial approach to the minimum final detail, also developed interior design projects with attention to detail to offer our customers the perfect reforming of their homes in Mallorca.
  • New construction, LF61

    In LF91 Project Management we specialize in cutting-edge architectural design in Mallorca, we offer design projects which are subject to high quality standards. We have an excellent team of professionals dedicated to architecture, design, technology and engineering that will manage your project from the initial idea to the last detail. A clear example of dedication to our work is the LF61 project, a building that stands out for its pure and simple lines that fit naturally in the environment in which it is located, becoming a work of sharp geometry based on the essentiality of materials and concept, without artifice. Its facade of white sandstone contributes to enhance the effect. It´s shocking windows cause a harmonious interior-exterior confluence generating a perfect balance and enhancing interior lighting. The pool´s design follows the same line; simple, linear, a continuation of the environment. Emphasizes the use of elements that add warmth, such as hardwood accents inside and respect for Majorcan architectural tradition to include external blinds or margins of stone in the garden. The interior decoration is characterized by its simplicity, functionality and extreme quality of the materials chosen, emphasizing the combination of neutral colors and wood. In our commitment to building sustainable and energy efficient homes install renewable energy, while taking advantage of the natural resources in order to reduce cost and energy consumption and enhance the home. See more spot villa >
  • New construction Mallorca, AC3

    In LF91 Project Management in Pollença, Mallorca; we specialize in architecture, design and construction of single family residences and villas in Mallorca. We conduct cutting-edge architectural projects in amazing environments and always committed to sustainability and energy efficiency of our homes. One example is the project called AC3, a detached new build villa with strong geometric forms surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Serra de Tramuntana (World Heritage). It is an impeccable project carried out by the team of LF91 in collaboration with the architect Jaume March and the team of Epic Construcciones.   The house is located between the Valle de Pollença and Puig de Maria, it’s a perfect fusion between construction and environmental elements highlighting the stunning entry of natural light into the home through large windows. It’s divided into two volumes, the night area of ​​one floor and the living area on two floors. In the latter, stands a dream kitchen by Bulthaup Nicolau Study, in which the protagonist is the white color with outdoor lighting causes enhancement of the hottest aspects of it. The furniture, elegant and functional, corresponds to the line Bulthaup B3. In an effort to integrate the construction environment, all rooms of the house are directly outside the same output, which together with the use of traditional materials from the construction of the island as thick walls, stone masonry and blinds lamas that causes a perfect harmony between the interior and exterior of the house. The use of artwork and handcrafted details in the interior decoration offers a distinctive and personalized touch to the house, among them are the dining room chairs, model CH24 designed by Hans Wegner and manufactured by Carl Hansen, a gem without any doubt. In short, we have a cheerful, stylish and functional house, fully integrated into the environment, which respects the Majorcan architectural tradition and energy efficient.
  • Project G138

    Outside there is a cube composition of pure lines in harmony with its natural environment .
    Inside the combination of local materials with aluminum frames and the warmth of wood create conformity in their stay.